Hero Shop

In preparation for opening their second location and scaling up operations, Hero Shop hired us to redesign their online store and mobile shopping experience. Their retail spaces are beautifully curated – the site needed to be as well.

Founded by Emily Holt, former Vogue editor and industry veteran, Hero Shop is dedicated to bringing established and emerging designers to the Bay Area. In addition to retail, the stores play host to a variety of events – dinner parties, trunk shows, and fundraisers for local causes. It was important to highlight this community involvement and provide customers with a place not just to shop, but to stay updated on events and philanthropic efforts beyond fashion.

As part of the redesign, we wanted to completely rebuild the mobile shop – previously the site had very limited mobile functionality. Given the majority of the traffic was coming from phones, this needed to be the core of the store’s design. Easy navigation, quick load times, detailed product pages, and custom landing pages. Live search for better browsing, related and featured projects, and a mega-nav that highlights seasonal releases and designers.


Hero Shop Website Design
& recommended products help you pick the perfect fit.



Hero Shop Shopify Design
Dropdowns for designers, featured products, and categories.



Hero Shop Shopify Store Design
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The result has been increased online sales and traffic month-over-month. Plus we trained the staff on how to maintain their new Shopify site, keeping it squeaky clean and converting.

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