Identity, Website, Photography & Warehouse Design

          KarPark is a contemporary automotive storage facility and event space. From concept to completion, we helped build a brand that appeals to car enthusiasts of all stripes. 

The automotive world has a long history of iconic design. We pulled inspiration from retro race car liveries, classic car design, and F1 racing. The result is a logo that functions well at every scale and a brand that resonates with old-school collectors and supercar owners alike.

From there we created the website and google adwords campaign to help fill spots. Using a simple call to action, ‘Car Storage For Car People’ and a closely-watched ad campaign, we helped generate leads before the doors opened. Today the space is at capacity and the private events business is growing.

The KarPark branding extends into the facility, created a unified look and feel from the web to the warehouse.

Photography by David Dines


KarPark’s signature orange in the showroom






Photography by David Dines

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