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Designing a company that champions time spent outdoors.

Creative Direction | Shopify Store Design | Photography | Product & Apparel Design

Lost Coast Outfitters is a world-class fly shop and wilderness supplier. We’ve partnered with them since day one designing product, photographing expeditions, and directing the visual development of the brand. Recently, we redesigned their custom Shopify store — a huge online inventory of specialized gear.

The site needed to be easy to navigate across devices, and features original photography by David Dines as well as LCO products designed and developed by Dines & Co.


Web and apparel design for LCO

Retail Design

Much of the inspiration and direction for the website came from an earlier LCO build-out, the shop in downtown San Francisco. The space needed to transport customers away from the chaos of the city into a more fitting environment for a fly shop. It only made sense to pull a classic B&W image from the father of fly fishing photography, Val Atkinson, for the wall mural.

And like the website, the space needed to be well merchandised given the extensive product offering.

Store Design for their downtown SF location



Finished interior (photo by Val Atkinson)
Photography by David Dines, Deschutes River OR

At the heart of LCO’s story is photography that compels people to get outside.

Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

Fly fishing gives us an opportunity to photograph in places where other campaigns never go. The images aren’t product focused, instead capturing the people and environments at the core of the sport. It never gets old.

Lost Coast’s library is full of photographs from around the world that defy traditional ‘seasonal’ marketing and focus on the throughline of the sport – spending time in nature with likeminded people.

Check out more snaps and dispatches from recent trips:

Montana Oregon Oregon II

Building Community

For the uninitiated, fly fishing can seem unapproachable or intimidating. LCO is laying those myths to rest with a shop that welcomes all and a range of classes to introduce people to the sport. It’s a venue for connecting people with the outdoors and a growing community of people who are passionate about enjoying, and protecting, our most important ecosystems.

Photo by David Dines


Lost Coast Outfitters continues to grow. We’re currently working on some product designs that we’re eager to share.


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