Situation Control

Custom Suits. Skateboards. Big Vibes.



Situation Control (aka Sit-Con) is the brainchild of Mike Irons, streetwear pioneer turned custom clothier. Irons represents a new generation in menswear and needed photographs that would tell that story.

In an ongoing campaign to help lay the groundwork for Sit-Con, we photograph him in the places where he’s most at home. Literally, at his home, in his studio, and skating in the Bay. Think Thrasher meets ISAIA – SitCon steps away from tradition without compromising quality or materials.

As always, thanks to Mike Irons for doing cool shit in the Bay Area.

Here’s his instagram ☞  you know the drill.

Photographs by David Dines. Shot in various locals around Oakland, California.


Mike Irons came up during the first wave of skateboarding. That aesthetic is a big part of the Sit-Con story, and the photos are a nod to those of us who’ve grown up enough to wear suits but not enough to stop skating.

Situation Control is a made-to-measure menswear shop in Union Square, San Francisco. More here:






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